Just run the IKMAX_Installer.exe, chose your 3ds Max path and hit install.

Alternative Manual Install (No need if already installed with the Automatic method):
Close 3DsMax, Copy the files from the folder Manual Install inside your 3DsMax root, open 3DsMax again.

Add To Interface

Right click on the toolbar and chose Customize… go to Category “IKMAX” just drag drop the button to the position of the toolbar you want it.

*You can also chose other places to put the IKMAX shortcut, for example in the Animation Menu, etc…

Change Look of Button (Optional):
Right click on button and press Edit Button Appearance, then assign the IKMAX icon from the IKMAX Group.

How to Use

IKMAX it’s very simple to use:

  1. Select the mesh and press the Select Mesh button, then follow the indications of were to click the mesh to place the guides.
  2. When finished placing the guides adjust them if needed and press Create Rig
  3. Adjust bones if needed, then press Auto-Skin!

That’s it! 🙂


IKMAX Interface


Adjust Bones and Mirror:
You can adjust the bones before applying the skin and use the Mirror Bone to reflect the bone changes to the other side (adjust all the left bones you want and will send the changes to the right)

Test Rig/Skin:
You can test how the rig and skin is performing with the Anim Test button that will auto-load an animation

Skin Options/Adjust:
Using the Skin options you can adjust how  skin gizmos affect the mesh, or apply other method of skin

Attach Props:
To attach a prop (a hat, watch, weapon, eyes, etc) to a mesh, select the model/s and click Fast Attach button, then just click the button in the Fast Attach window.

Add clothes:
You can select a cloth model and press the auto Skin Warp and it will auto-assign a Skin Warp modifier, then press the convert to Skin inside the options of that modifier when you happy with the settings

You can select Rig system…
If you need other kind of rig (Biped/CAT…) you can select it pressing “Change” in the Auto-Rig section