Finally rig your models in a fast, easy, and fun way!

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IKMAX 2024

for 3ds Max

Avoid The Tedious S**T.


Finally a fun and easy way to rig your characters in seconds instead of minutes of tedious work!
Instead of traditional scaling / rotating /moving joints to fit your model, just select some points of the mesh!
Compatible with: 2015-2024


Just touch it!

Select a mesh and touch the indicated locations, that’s it! After that you can fine adjust if needed.

Simple Skin Adjust!

Adjust the skin globally with easy sliders to get a better starting place and then you can tweak the problematic parts if needed.


Select the objects you want to attach and just click the body part in the dedicated interface to attach them!

1-Click Animate Test!

Test your rig/skin pressing 1 button to see it in action becoming alive!

1-Click Mirror!

After adjusting a side of the generated skeleton you can just click the mirror button to mirror the changes!

1-Click SkinWrap!

Add tshirts, pants, etc, clicking one button to generate the Skin Wrap and then convert it to skin deformer. In most cases just using this will save you to skin each cloth, etc.

All in one place.

Interface with all the stuff you need for a fast and fun experience of giving life to your models. Auto-rig from guides, auto-skin, display options for rig and mesh, test rig, change to figure mode, etc…

In seconds, not minutes!

Just rig+skin in seconds! You can give life to your model in LESS than 1 or 2 minutes!

Generate CAT/Biped rigs!

Generate a CAT or Biped rig so you can use all the cool tools like pose copy/mirror, import motion capture files, export for games, etc


This plugin may produce addiction. You'll want to rig all your models! 😁



Once you try it.

You won’t want to use the traditional method to prepare your rig again. This will help you to avoid most of the tedious parts of the process.


You can also press X and start typing IKM… for easy access to IKMAX when you need it!


You have 24hs to test and if not happy we’ll return your money back – no questions asked!

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IKMAX 2024 for 3ds Max