Just uncompress/copy the folder IKMAX to your Cinema 4D Plugins folder.
Start Cinema 4D. You’ll find IKMAX in the Plugins menu.

Note for R20 or higher:
If you don’t have ‘plugins’ folder just make it, and put the IKMAX folder there:
Your C4D folderplugins << here add the IKMAX folder

Add To Interface

Right click on the toolbar and chose Customize Palettes

Type “ikmax” in the Name Filter field, drag and drop the IKMAX icon to your toolbar.

How to Use

IKMAX it’s very simple to use:

  1. Select the mesh using the Select Mesh button, then press START, follow the indications of were to click the mesh to place the guides.
  2. When finished placing the guides adjust them if needed and press Create Rig
  3. Adjust bones if needed, then press Auto IK to generate the IK controls and then press Auto-Skin!

That’s it! 🙂



IKMAX Interface


Come back soon for more info and tutorials of IKMAX for Cinema 4D