How to Install

  1. After purchase, open your Daz Install Manager, select DazToMaya, check Install After Download and press Start Queue.
  2. Enable the plugin in Maya.

⚠️ If you don’t enable Install After Download you can find it in Ready To Install, from there you can just click Install.

 How to Use

1. Daz Studio:
When you have your character with the look you want, click on DazToMaya (You can find it on the Scripts menu)

2. Maya:
Open DazToMaya in Maya and press Auto Import

⚠️ If you had Daz Studio open during installation remember to restart it to find DazToMaya in your interface.
⚠️ When transfering Characters, transfer 1 (one) at time

 How to add a shortcut to the toolbar in DAZ Studio

Press F3 in Daz Studio, then drag and drop “DazToMaya” from Actions to desired place in the Tool Bars tab. Then click Accept.

 How to convert Materials

Press Convert Materials, materials will be converted to the selected renderer.

⚠️ Avoid re-convert, If you want to convert to other render is recommended to import figure again.

 How to work with multiple figures

Focus and work in one figure at time, save them separated and then merge/import them togheter into any scenes you want.

1) Import your figure using DazToMaya.
2) If desired Convert Materials, or leave as default.
3) Save as Maya file, one file per character.
4) Merge your characters/Maya files into another scene.

 How to rename HumanIK Character

You can find “Rename Character” option in the HumanIK menu.

Soon more info and video tutorials!