Productivity tool. Be faster in any project. A must.


MultiXplorer 2023

Productivity tool For Windows.

Stop wasting time!


All the folders you need for a task/project... in one explorer!

Quick-Switch between projects!

Customize it.


Several layouts at same time! Extreme Productivity.

Save a lot of time every day. A lot.

Stop wasting time!

What is MultiXplorer?

MultiXplorer is a Windows tool to increase your productivity. No matter what you do, if you are a Windows user, this will save you a lot of time.

You will be able to switch between explorer layouts in an easy and fast way. 

Any Windows user will see instant benefits.

Work faster and more organized by customizing MultiXplorer layout based on your projects to have all the folders you need inside only one explorer. Many customization options, layouts, quick-switch betwen projects and multiple projects at same time. MultiXplorer is a must-have tool. After trying it, you’ll want to incorporate it into all your projects.

Easy and quick access your files and folders. Save time and be more productive by creating project layouts to make accessing frequently used files and folders content with just some clicks.

Eliminate clutter from your desktop and the need to open lot of specific folders for each project every time you start working on it, saving you valuable time and space on your desktop, it’s all in just one explorer.

Your productivity will increase instantly.

A Windows tool to improve you and make you save A Lot of time

Work Faster. Better. Smarter.


You have 24hs to test and if not happy we’ll return your money back – no questions asked!

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Productivity tool for Windows

Work Faster and Smarter