Create Series of Unique Asset Combinations with Cinema 4D

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Asset Juggler

Unique combinations made simple.

No tedious setup means more time to focus on actual assets.

OMG, it's full of uniqueness!

What is Asset Juggler?

Asset Juggler will assist with the creation of series of unique combinations of assets. Be it in game development, in order to quickly show different options or variations of a project to a customer or simply for the matter of unique image sequences.


Random. Unique. Easy.

Easy Install

Just drag and drop the folder into your Cinema 4D Plugins Folder.
That’s it!

Asset Groups

Five different ways to reference object or material assets.


Six different rule types for hero assets or enforcing/avoiding combinations.


Different modes allow to bake series into keyframes, Takes or separate project files.

Animated Assets

Baking a series into Takes or separate project files even allows animated assets.

Metadata and Statistics

Statisics, bar chart, multiple report files and formats.


After using Asset Juggler once, you'll be wondering how you created combinations before.


You have 24hs to test and if not happy we’ll return your money back – no questions asked!

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Asset Juggler

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Create Series of Unique Asset Combinations