3DtoAll Affiliate Program

Get paid every time someone buys a 3DtoAll product thanks to you!

Earnings per purchase!

40% commission on any qualified purchase that you have referred!

200 purcharses of IKMAX ($29) you’ll be making around: $2.200

90 purchases of IKMAX (3ds Max version) + 90 purchases of IKMAX (c4d version) + 120 purchaes of MaxToC4D, you’ll be making around: $3.000

100% Transparent deal: Everything is managed directly by Gumroad.

When you get paid?
Affiliates will be paid out every other Friday, just like Gumroad creators.

Affiliates will receive a sales notification email whenever a sale is made through their referral.

Where to see current earnings?
Affiliates can log in to their Gumroad account and visit their Balance Dashboard (https://gumroad.com/balance) to see how much they’ve earned in commission during each payout period. If an affiliate is also a Gumroad creator, their affiliate commission will simply be added to their total sales for the payout period.

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